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Smelling the color of Adike Chogaru

*Leaf 15 - Full Moon - 5 Feb 2023*        

Dear friends,

Full moon days are a good time to think deeply about your dreams and wishes in Life. They say the enhanced energy levels during this period would help you reach the destination faster and easier. One prescribed dream for Humanity is a fully evolved Democracy and which is a better day to remember Democracy than January 26th? January 26th symbolizes Democracy more than the August 15th for us because while 15th August is the day Independence was given to us its on 26th January when we took it upon ourselves. 

Our Constitution is an expression of our Culture and Dreams. In recent times, there's been concern that the Constitution is being hijacked by this or that institutions. In reality, Constitution is not just a document, but a reflection of our lifestyle and attitudes in daily lives. If this message can be understood and spread amongst us, there's nothing much to worry about as our collective vision will sail us through.... So, during our journey till the next 26th January, let's remember to collectively dream for a matured Democracy!    

World Wetlands day

The world celebrated World Wetlands Day on 2nd February to remember and celebrate the wetlands of the world. Wetlands are valuable for its ability to protect during floods, for its ability to store water and improve its quality, to control the erosion that happens at the seashores and for its beauty & aesthetics.

In Mysore, a group of well-wishing citizens met at Karanji lake on 2nd February evening to walk around the lake and discussing issues highlighting the Karanji lake. The event was facilitated by the Water Forum and Zoo Authorities under the able guidance of Sri U. N. Ravikumar. To get involved in the Water Forum activities, please reach out to 72042 88166.

The '7 benefits of restoring wetlands' document can be found here:

Adike Chogaru 

Adike Chogaru is a kannada book on Areca syrup, an eco-friendly matural dye, written by Shree Padre, editor of Adike Patrike, Puttur. Areca syrup is a byproduct obtained during processing red arecanut. Its high tannin content makes it a useful raw material for many industries. Charaka Women's cooperative in Heggodu, Karnataka is using it as a textile colour in a big way since 2 decades. 

Areca syrup lends different shades of unique brown to pinkish brown and is liked by natural dyers. Trials in using sun dried areca syrup in wooden toys has given encouraging results. Adike chogaru also has medicinal, anti termite and insecticidal properties. 

The book is available at Prakriti now.

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Store Updates:

  • Mysore Kitchen Gardeners update:

    The Thursday activities at the Store is gaining traction slowly. The soil from Kanchana's farm is triggering a series of events. Raised beds are made and allocated to interested participants to experiment, learn and grow plants.

    A lot of efforts now started blooming like the Lilly below :) In past month we worked with lot of energy. Many young and old muscles and minds come together as part of the Community effort. Composting the leaf by gathering outside Prakriti Store, adding soil, preparing experimental Raised beds, putting few cuttings are few major efforts recently. Currently sowed diverse seeds and saplings in the raised beds, our eyes are always blooming to see those sprouts heading out from soil :) To know more about the Gardening activities check our

    A note from Sumana:
    3 adolescents guided by a mentor bonded over on a Thursday afternoon. They discussed over a range of topics from farming to economics. Not only these adolescents are opinionated, they are strong individuals who are building and identity. There are many research studies all over the world, which tells us that young adults between the age group of 12-18 years need to be working close to nature. The observation of nature has not only a side that is philosophical and scientific, it has also a side of social experiences that leads on to the observations of civilisation and the life of men. I am thankful for Mr. Bala and Mr. Abhilash to have opened their space for the bonding to happen. Hope the exchange of ideas will lead the young adults into their cosmic tasks.

For see regular updates about the Mysore kitchen gardeners group, please visit:
  • New arrivals at the Store:

    (1) Multipurpose Washing gel - After a long break, this product is back in stock now. To know more about the product, check out our introductory article here: 

    (2) Melukote Puliyogere paste: Made by Melukote homemakers with raw material from Prakriti Store, this will be loved by all puliyogere lovers for sure. (Note: The fried groundnuts need to be added)