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Mysore Kitchen Gardeners

 A group of nature loving individuals work & learn together the art and science of growing food and medicine in Mysore. They assemble every week on Tuesdays 2.30 pm to 4 PM. To know more, please call 96112 78166

Team gathering - 21 Mar 2023

Short summary of the team meeting: 

  • The Herbal kit, an assemblage of 7 herbs, that can be grown easily at home and adds lots of value in Family health / Home remedies - one herb in the current list - Nila basale has been earmarked/reclassified as a soppu - so, nila basale is replaced by Garke hullu in the 7 Herbal sisters list. (If the plant gets added to a meal, its categorized as soppu and if its used occasionally as a medicine, its categorized as Herb, would you agree??)
  • The weekly gatherings is shifted to Tuesday 2.30 pm (as the store gets busier on Thursdays). Of course, kitchen gardeners can walk in anytime....
  • The 7 Herbal sisters will be accorded the courtyard space within the Store, while the front garden space is meant for fun and experimentation. 
  • Kasturi manjal and 2 types of Passion fruit got planted in the front garden yesterday.
  • The Herbal gardening team shall be headed by Chitra and the Veggie garden shall be headed by Suhit (Suhit, are you there??) and the overall space management shall be done by Abhilash
Some unfinished business:
  • So, who shall be added in the Mysore Kitchen gardeners whatsapp group? What's the purpose of the whatsapp group? (the purpose of the real physical group is all-encompassing aka, each one shall have their own purpose and the only purpose to come together is to have fun and learn.....)
  • Can someone come forward to organize events and programs that'd benefit all members? Can someone organize a 'trip to Suma's garden??'
Let our tribe grow....

Blooming Lilly - 04 Feb 2023

A lot of efforts now started blooming like this Lilly :)

Yes, small Mysore Kitchen Gardeners group gather regularly on Thursday's at @prakriti.mys. In past month we worked with lot of energy. Many young and old muscles and minds come together as part of the Community effort.

Composting the leaf by gathering outside Prakriti Store, adding soil, preparing experimental Raised beds, putting few cuttings are few major efforts wwnr recently. Currently sowed diverse seeds and saplings in the raised beds, our eyes are always blooming to see those sprouts heading out from soil :)