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Simplicity as a weapon

* Leaf 4 - New Moon - 26/27 Aug 2022 *      Dear Fellow-beings,  The sudden, erratic rains of the long monsoon season in Mysuru continues and Unpredictability is the norm across the globe now due to the climate crisis. During monsoon, it's important to keep a vigil on our health as we struggle to co-exist with the bacteria/virus population around. Our family doctor Dr. Rashmi recommends drinking warm water always, which helps to retain the immunity power of the body (keeping the defense system active at all times). At the Store, we keep warm drinking water freshly filled everyday for everyone at the entrance. Staying Healthy is the first choice we can make for a better tomorrow...Read on for more about Sri Madhavji, the Herbal garden kit & our steps towards Self-reliance in this edition. (from Left: Sachu, Madhav & Bala) Madhav Sahasrabudhe is a wonderful human being. Armed with Simplicity & aided by his engineering background, he has been travelling around India to br

Bamboo Brushes in Monsoon??

Leaf 3 - Full Moon 11 Aug 2022 Dear co-habitants, This edition carries stories about our new farmers, a remembrance note on our late President APJ Abdul Kalam and much more.... Farmers Vittal Vashisht & Lakshmi narasimhan from Vanasiri Farm have started giving papaya & elakki banana to our Store since 2 months. They are doing natural farming using Jeevamrutha under the guidance of Bannur Krishnappa. Their 3 acre farm is located at Shigodipura, Sosale Hobli and they can be reached at 99729 99757 / 98452 14934. Our late president APJ Abdul Kalam's death anniversary was on 27th July (2015). Happened to read an article about him that was aptly titled as 'Dreamer'. His life's message was 'to dream'. Today, our ability to dream is diminishing gradually due to the stress & anxiety in our daily life. But it is this nature of Humanity 'to dream' , is more significant today than ever. To dream is to imagine. And as Albert Einstein said, I