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Trade for Equality

* Leaf 16 - Full Moon - 04 June 2023*   After a long break, this fortnightly broadcasting is back, in a monthly mode now - on Full moon days! It shall remain as a medium of dialogue on all topics that are relevant to our Freedom & Happiness. In this episode, we'll talk about a WTO, La Via Campesina & some Store updates as well. WTO vs La Via Campesina The WTO came into existence in 1995. But it was just a renamed version of the GATT, which was in existence since 1948, that was defining the International Trade rules. The main improvisation from GATT to WTO was to integrate Agriculture into the logic of generalized Free Trade. La Via Campesina (LVC) is a world peasant movement, that was created against the logic of globalization and commodification of Agriculture, involving, small / family / women farmers around the world. Last month, WTO sent a request to LVC for joining in the new 'Civil Society Council' that it is proposing to initiate and integrate within its stru