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Smelling the color of Adike Chogaru

* Leaf 15 - Full Moon - 5 Feb 2023*         Dear friends, Full moon days are a good time to think deeply about your dreams and wishes in Life. They say the enhanced energy levels during this period would help you reach the destination faster and easier. One prescribed dream for Humanity is a fully evolved Democracy and which is a better day to remember Democracy than January 26th? January 26th symbolizes Democracy more than the August 15th for us because while 15th August is the day Independence was given to us its on 26th January when we took it upon ourselves.  Our Constitution is an expression of our Culture and Dreams. In recent times, there's been concern that the Constitution is being hijacked by this or that institutions. In reality, Constitution is not just a document, but a reflection of our lifestyle and attitudes in daily lives. If this message can be understood and spread amongst us, there's nothing much to worry about as our collective vision will sail us th