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Why your Chilli & Papaya isn't tasting that good lately?

* Leaf 12 - New Moon - 23 Dec 2022*         Dear friends, It's time to sharpen our focus on Life's essentials - the taste and smell of Native vegetables & fruits, the great works of Leaf compost, the blissful state of spinning and more...  The last village tour to Sunkathonnur alemaney was fun and educational. Read on for more..... Shakthidhama School children exploring Prakriti Food     Have you used Leaf compost for your Garden? Adding compost to the soil increases its water holding capacity, maintains its temperature and facilitates the soil bacterial processes which improves the availability of mineral salts to the plants. When newly fallen leaves are added directly to the soil without composting it first, the microbes that decompose the leaves compete with the growing plants for soil nitrogen - leading to nitrogen shortage. The organic matter is a good source of food for the des

Spinning a musical tale with Mukhtiar Ali

* Leaf 11 - Full Moon - 06 Dec 2022*         Dear friends, Music & spinning brought us all together for the Sufi singer Mukhtiyar Ali's exclusive music concert on 5th Dec evening  at Prakriti premises. It was also a moment to revere the 135 year old building Margosa Lodge, with its colonial architecture & madras terrace roofing system, standing majestically like the old English woman of yesteryears. Hope our collective energy is sustained further on community development activities around farming & spinning.  Time & Space connects us all. All through the Human history, the Day-night cycle, the monthly (lunar) cycle and the Seasons cycle (Solstices & Equinoxes) are the 3 cycles that are tracked by Humanity and all calendars across civilizations are derived based on these 3 cycles.  The 2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes in a Year are considered the four pillars of the Earth Time, which are crucial to measure our journey around the Sun.   As Thea puts it:  To lose sigh