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From the Shoulders of the Giants...

* Leaf 6 - New Moon - 25 Sep 2022*         Dear Fellow-beings, It's Dasara time. And it's Mahaalaya new moon.  Its a time for remembrance & celebration. In Earth calendar, as per Aeon Center of Cosmology, it's cosmic sunset - starting from the 23rd of September, the day of Equinox. More traditionally, its termed as Dakshinayan. As per Thea, the founder of the center, this period is gestational, a time to prepare to receive the full rays of the sun once again. The interesting thought posed by Thea is the possibility of a unified calendar for Earth in uniting the world's Humanity to leap towards a super tomorrow..... To know more about the Earth calendar, Aeon Center of Cosmology and more specifically about the cosmic sunset, please visit: Book Launch Launch of Appiko - a kannada book on Sundarlal Bahuguna Sundarlal Bahuguna's contribution to environment can be easily measured by the deep impact he h

Zero Budget Kitchen Gardening

* Leaf 5 - Full Moon - 10 Sep 2022*      Friends, Plants & Trees love monsoon time. They work less for survival and celebrate more through their expressions & growth. We'll cover a few points about plant nurturing, stories on Mysore Water Literacy & the upcoming Kisan Swaraj Sammelan in Mysore. Kisan Swaraj Sammelan is a bi-annual national event organized by ASHA ( Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture) since the last few years. This year, the event will be hosted by Mysore during 11-13 November 2022. So, let's get ready to welcome around 1500 organic farmers from around the country, practicing agro-ecology in many different ways.  Be a Host - To give the friendliest atmosphere for our visitors, Home Stay would be an ideal way. If you are interested to host a farmer/visitor during the KSS-2022, get your spaces ready. A communication will be sent shortly. And we need volunteers and sponsors too. More specific communication would be coming out in the sub