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Why is July called the cosmic midnight?

  * Leaf 17 - Full Moon - 03 July 2023*   The full moon in July is called Guru Poornima for a reason.  The Earth is farthest from the Sun (or at its Aphelion) about 2 weeks after the June Solstice (and it is at the closest - Perihelion, about 2 weeks after the December Solstice)  While the Solstices and Equinoxes are due to the Earth's tilt, the Aphelion and Perihelion are due to the elliptical path of Earth's orbit around the Sun and Sun's off-centered location. Yes, Sun is not at the center of our elliptical path. It's appx. 5 million kilometers off. [ To put this figure in perspective, compare it with the size of Earth - 12,742 km diameter ] So, when the Sun's the farthest (termed as the cosmic midnight in cosmological terms - ),  our Moon brings the Light from the cosmic depths for us (Guru is symbolized as Light, aka Knowledge) to uplift our mind and Soul. No