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Full moon Gatherings


J. C. Kumarappa Self Reliant Community

With the intent of creating a platform for like-minded people to connect, share & participate in building a self reliant community of tomorrow, a once in a month gathering (on Full moon days) is planned at the Prakriti Food premises.

J. C. Kumarappa is a freedom fighter whose High Thinking & Simple Living has many lessons for today's world. This community platform is dedicated to this forgotten Soul, who was born in Tamilnadu; brought up in Mumbai; studied in Western world; lived for Gandhi; and died for the Common man of India. His book 'Economy of Permanence' pioneers the holistic thinking connecting Ecology & Economy. To read more about J. C. Kumarappa, visit here:

The structure & workings of this community platform is meant to evolve as it progresses. Music, Dance, Story telling, Book reading, lectures & DIY Sessions shall be the way of community development. Sharing of experiences in Kitchen Gardening, Composting, plant based bio-enzyme preparation, Khadi spinning & other DIY (Do It Yourself) skillsets required to achieve self-reliance individually & collectively in the fields of FOOD, SHELTER & CLOTHING shall be the primary focus. If we can educate & practice ourselves to extract our Life needs without harming Mother Earth, it'd be a good first step towards a Beautiful Tomorrow, which will eventually lead us to Hind Swaraj / Swarajya!

On every full moon days, the event would start at 6 PM and end by around 8.30 PM with a simple natural food (reiterating the age old wisdom of FOOD IS MEDICINE). The event shall be organized through voluntary efforts and NO charges shall be levied for participation. The concept of Pot Luck help us all to connect through Food.

Lets come together with ideas & questions within to find the path ahead collectively!

Venue: The Hall @ Prakriti Food, Mysore

Prior registration for participation would help to organize the logistics effectively. 

To register, please Whatsapp your details to 
Harini - 7019292709
Abhilash - 90084 84880