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Organisms that are genetically modified need not go into our Stomachs

* Leaf 10 - New Moon - 23 Nov 2022*         Dear fellow-beings, Farmers and Scholars from all over India gathered in Mysore for the 3 day Sammelan from November 11th to 13th at the KSOU (Karnataka State Open University) campus. The venue was brimming with energy and activities that brought life to the Soul of Agriculture in India. Everything was organic about the event. There was no plastic wares used, no thermocol-PVC banners, no hi-fi advertisements. It was a good demonstration of an eco-friendly event with the participants displaying comradeship and positive spirit all through. No disposables were used during the 3 days and all plates and tumblers were cleaned by the participants themselves after the meal. If only all such gatherings can follow this example.... And another point worth mentioning is the lack of any sponsorship logos and big promotional banners for products/services though some corporates has given a sizeable amount of donation for the success of this event. Let t

Remembering a nature loving Mysorean: K B Sadanand

* Leaf 9 - Full Moon - 08 Nov 2022*         Dear Friends, Mysore is about to witness a major influx of farming communities from across the nation in the next few days. Around 2000 farmers & farm enthusiasts are about to descend in Mysore from Nov 10th onwards for the Kisan Swaraj Sammelan. It's a pride and honor for Mysore and look forward for an energetic participation from all Mysoreans. Why you should visit the Kisan Swaraj Sammelan: A great conglomeration of farmers from around the country and an elaborate display of their work and culture; It's a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the national level personalities in the public sphere (intellectuals, activists etc) spending their time and effort for the betterment of our farming communities.  It's a great combination of people coming together to celebrate Kisan Swaraj from different backgrounds - Farmers, Civil Society groups, students, Academicians, Social Activists, Entrepreneurs etc A life time opportunity