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A farmer in each Home...

Leaf 2 - New Moon 28 July 2022 Namaskara. This fortnightly edition carries stories about the upcoming & ongoing initiatives at Prakriti. The Farmers' market :  A group of farmers have been organizing a weekend 'Santhe' at Vijayanagar since last few months and when they approached us about the possibility of extending it at the Prakriti premises, we were delighted to support them. As a pilot program, it was launched on 17th July 11 AM to 2 PM. The duration, day and time schedule might go through some change after a few weeks of experimentation. As a platform that connects the producer & the consumer, Prakriti hopes this initiative will expand to become a lively Sunday carnival in the coming days. Please do share your ideas to make it grow! Gardening & Composting: In the phrase 'Global Thought-Local Action', we believe Local Action refers to: Inculcating individual Habits (involving lifestyle changes like carrying cloth bags, steel straws etc) Converting

Spinning empowers!

Leaf 1 - Full moon 13 July 2022   T he mango season is almost over and good butter fruits have started coming in. The Dasheri mangoes from Raje gowda farm that came in last week are worth mentioning for its flavour and sweetness. Topics covered in this fortnight includes - Ms. Sunitha & Vanastree, our friend Ms. Sahana and her parenting efforts, Charaka spinning at the Store and the new farmer who joined our list of empaneled farmers. Sunday group spinning @ Prakriti The group spinning activity on Sunday 3rd July at the Store surprisingly attracted lots of children. Thanks to Sachu (for manufacturing and selling box charakas) and Santosh Koulagi (from Janapada Seva Trust, Melkote who introduced us to the world of spinning), charaka spinners are on the rise in Mysore region. Those who strive for extracting their basic needs (Food, Shelter & Clothing) from Mother Nature without harming her, find this Charaka spinning empowering and fulfilling. A press note was also release