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From the Shoulders of the Giants...

*Leaf 6 - New Moon - 25 Sep 2022*        

Dear Fellow-beings,

It's Dasara time. And it's Mahaalaya new moon. 
Its a time for remembrance & celebration.
In Earth calendar, as per Aeon Center of Cosmology, it's cosmic sunset - starting from the 23rd of September, the day of Equinox. More traditionally, its termed as Dakshinayan. As per Thea, the founder of the center, this period is gestational, a time to prepare to receive the full rays of the sun once again. The interesting thought posed by Thea is the possibility of a unified calendar for Earth in uniting the world's Humanity to leap towards a super tomorrow.....

To know more about the Earth calendar, Aeon Center of Cosmology and more specifically about the cosmic sunset, please visit:

Book Launch

Appiko book launch
Launch of Appiko - a kannada book on Sundarlal Bahuguna

Sundarlal Bahuguna's contribution to environment can be easily measured by the deep impact he has left in the hearts of the next generation of people whom he interacted with. This book Appiko, is a translation of the English Book "Ecology is Permanent Economy" by George Alfred James on Sudarlal Bahuguna's work and life. The translation work was started by Sri Surendra Koulagi (Janapada Seva Trust) and completed by Smt. Archana Khyadi, wife of Gandhian Sri Sumanas Koulagi. The book is available at the Store for sale now. It's a time to celebrate and dwell deep into the heart of Sundarlal Bahuguna whose love for Nature is worth emulating. After all, only by standing on the shoulders of such giants, can we look further to chart our future direction of the journey....

Ahimsa Santhe: Right now, a non-violent network is being formed, a Ahimsa Santhe is being conducted in South Tamilnadu. So what is a Non-violent network?

we are currently facing huge income inequalities, ecological degradation, climate crisis, social imbalance and cultural erosion. The current economy system instils violence on the people and the planet and so is an extractive and unjust system.

Nonviolent Economy is based on reciprocity and mutuality, cooperation and sustainability that seeds to value a balanced nature and peacefulness. This requires a shift towards human and nature-centered economic system. The Nonviolent economy is a path of transition and not an end result. Therefore, it requires an openness to trial and error and self-correction. Community and social enterprises and small producer groups are vehicles for transition towards Nonviolent economy.

The organizers of this event proclaims, "We propose some answers and we also have more questions on how do we co-create a nonviolent economy?"

To know more and become a part of this network, please call Sri Karthik - 89391 38207.

Kautilya School visit

Recently, a group of students from Kautilya school visited Prakriti Store for an interaction with farmers and to know about farm products. It was an interesting conversation, thanks to the lively talk by Sri Harish Acharya. It also gave us an opportunity to know what's in the mind and hearts of today's student community. One central theme in their questions was to understand 'what was it like 50-100 years ago in terms of Food, environment etc'. Sri Harish gave a simple and beautiful answer - It's more or less the same, except that they were all purer and diverse in its form and content. Also, he lamented about the younger generation being reluctant to take up farming activity. The interaction left us with a question in our hearts - How can we become better role-models for these young & beautiful souls?

Full moon day gathering: A few of us assembled together on the last full moon day on September 10th at the Store terrace for an evening of music, joyful introspection and building a collective conscience for a beautiful tomorrow. The potluck dinner was full-some, healthy and delicious. And we all dispersed with the hope of having an even better one next time....

What's New
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