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Dreaming for a Self-reliant India

*Leaf 8 - New Moon - 25 Oct 2022*        

Dear Friends,

If no major change has happened in your day-to-day Life after the last 2 years of Covid crisis, you perhaps belong to the top 25-30% of the Indian population economically. The lower strata of the Indian Society is fighting to make their ends meet and India's ranking in the Global Hunger Index (107 out of 12) reminds us of that suffering and pain to a great extent. 

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool for comprehensively measuring and tracking hunger at global, regional, and national levels published jointly by 2 civic organizations, which is being published since 2000. GHI scores are based on the values of four component indicators - undernourishment, child stunting, child wasting and child mortality. After understanding its calculation methodology and comparing the last few years' results (since 2006), one can see some consistency and truth in the report, which should make us all ashamed. Let's do our bit to become a conduit of Change.  Let's make India hunger-free! 

News bites

Weekend Charaka Spinning workshops are on its way at Prakriti premises. Our team member, Abhilash is spearheading this initiative under the guidance of Sachu. The first training session is scheduled for 29th Oct. To register yourself, please contact Abhilash - 90084 84880

Village Tours: Our Jaggery making farmer, Sri Lokesh has been inviting us to visit their Ale mane in Pandavapura since the last few months. Once the rains subside (hopefully by first half of December), a village tour is being scheduled. Those interested in participating can leave their name and contact details at the Store counter. More details about the visit will be published by mid-November.

Bringing more Herbs into your daily life: The 7 Herbal Sisters in your Home is meant to bring Happiness, Health and Positive Energy. After thoughtful considerations, our Herbal kit is designed with 7 herbs that are easy to grow; can be consumed daily; aids in the general body health; requires minimum space. For those aspiring Home/Kitchen gardeners, this 7 Herbs kit would be a good starting point (a 3 feet x 3 feet space is sufficient). The chit-chat session on Thursdays (12 pm @ Prakriti) among the Kitchen gardeners would be a good place to get inspiration, ideas and growing tips. Come, join in!

Full moon gatherings: The last gathering was about knowing Assam and Northeast in general. One of the visitors, being from Assam gave a good account of its food, culture, land use etc. Our little ones prepared a nice summary of the event (attached below)


Wisdom Corner

Number of days to go for the Kisar Swaraj Sammelan: 16 days

Please do send stories that inspired you, neighborhood events that moved you, critical analysis of national & global affairs that impacts us all - that can be included in these fortnightlies. Email to or Whatsapp to 72042 88166. Together, we are!


Unknown said…
Great to know about this initiative. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to join the upcoming events😊