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The road to Swarajya

*Leaf 7 - Full Moon - 09 Oct 2022*        

Dear Friends,

Since we started publishing our fortnightlies 4 months back, some of you have been asking why is it being published on New moon and Full moon days? Well, the intent is to keep track of the moon calendar. Moon plays a vital role in the health of our body / mind and the plant kingdom too follows the moon calendar for its sprouting, flowering and biomass growth. This role of Moon would be explained in detail in the coming fortnightlies. And we would like to hear your experiences on Amavashya and Pournami days.....

October 2nd was Gandhiji's birth anniversary. Of all things that epitomizes Gandhi, 'Be the Change' and 'Hind Swaraj' are the two most fundamental tenets that denote the two ends of the spectrum within which all of Gandhiji's teachings can be fitted it. 'Be the Change' is about now, being at the individual end of the spectrum that tells us that individual discipline and personal integrity are the starting points for any great social revolution. At the other end of the spectrum or the perfect Future vision called Hind Swaraj, is about the Society as a whole achieving holistic freedom both spiritually and materially through Self-Governance.

We believe this road to Swarajya shall be built through 'entrepreneurship'. Converting the job seekers of our Country to become job providers is the primary work of the educated elders in our Society today, that can speed up our journey towards Self Governance.

For those aspiring young entrepreneurs:

Inviting Entrepreneurs to join PraanaPoorna collective as partners.

Create your own brand and take it to market with 5% PraanaPoorna concentrate._

With PraanaPoorna livelihood distributed production model, products will become not only become accessible but affordable as well. And this model will be setup across India.
There will be proper handholding and training of 3 Months.

*To know more details, watch the podcast on YouTube.*

*Online Kickoff Session Link-*

Home made Kumkum

Herbal Kit revamp

The Herbal Garden at Prakriti store has been evolving since the starting of our Herbal Kit initiative last month. The kit was designed with the intention of bringing in more herbs into the daily life of Mysoreans. The original kit involved the following 7 herbs - Tulsi, Doddapatre, Brahmi, Pudina, Aloevera, Nela basale & Betal leaves. Based on our last 2-3 months of experience in raising the nursery, we realized Brahmi and Pudina are slightly difficult for the (kitchen garden) beginners to grow. Hence, we decided to replace those two plants with Kamakasturi & Mangaravalli (pirandai). 'The Herbs for daily use' booklet is under preparation and here's a snippet from it:


Useful parts: leaves, seeds and roots

Used in treating: breathlessness, sleeplessness, headache, prevent  vomitting, dandruff, & lies treatment, pimples, anxiety & stress related problems

Method of use 

1. Smell the scent of leaves and flowers to calm the mind

2, Dry leaves and flowers to use as tea powder

3. To treat ear infection - add garlic oil to the juice of leaves, use one or two times for relief

4. For mouth ulcers, chew a few leaves

5. Apply as first aid for insect bites, also for skin infection

6. Apply juice and leaves to the scalp for dandruff and lies treatment, can also add to coconut oil.

7. For pimples, apply juice to the affected area and around

8. Dry and powder the root to make tea - expels worms out of our body  

9. Juice of leaves and honey gets rid of gastric issues

Mangaravalli (Perandai, Bone setter)

Useful parts: tender stalk, up to 3rd node only (after which the fiber becomes too hard)

Instructions: Deskin before consumption, apply sesame oil to hand to avoid itching

Used in treating:  Bone related - fractures & sprains, indigestion, deworming

Method of use 

1. While making regular chutney add cut and fried pieces before grinding

2. Add juice while making appalam and vathal

3. Extract juice, with 1 tsp tamarind paste, salt, 1 tsp turmeric powder, warm in a pan, apply on the sprained area like a cream

4. Give chutney to children twice a week for stomach cleansing / lack of appetite

Demonstration of bio-enzyme making

At the Store, thanks to our 2 volunteers (who prefers to stay anonymous), we are now converting our waste fruits and citrus items into bioenzyme solution for floor cleaning purposes. At the entrance to the store is kept a blue drum in which the bioenzyme solution is under preparation. To know more about it and to make your own home cleaning liquids, please contact our team members at the counter.

What's New
The below crib is not exactly new. It's pretty much new though (sparingly used). One of our volunteers Sahana made this crib for her newborn and is now not of use to her. She wants to make sure that the crib finds a new owner, who can appreciate all the hard work that has gone behind in designing and producing it. If interested, please reach out to Sahana - 98445 51614 to get it

Number of days to go for the Kisar Swaraj Sammelan: 33 days

Please do send stories that inspired you, neighborhood events that moved you, critical analysis of national & global affairs that impacts us all - that can be included in these fortnightlies. Email to or Whatsapp to 72042 88166. Together, we are!