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Zero Budget Kitchen Gardening

*Leaf 5 - Full Moon - 10 Sep 2022*     


Plants & Trees love monsoon time. They work less for survival and celebrate more through their expressions & growth. We'll cover a few points about plant nurturing, stories on Mysore Water Literacy & the upcoming Kisan Swaraj Sammelan in Mysore.

Kisan Swaraj Sammelan is a bi-annual national event organized by ASHA (Alliance for Sustainable and Holistic Agriculture) since the last few years. This year, the event will be hosted by Mysore during 11-13 November 2022. So, let's get ready to welcome around 1500 organic farmers from around the country, practicing agro-ecology in many different ways. 

Be a Host - To give the friendliest atmosphere for our visitors, Home Stay would be an ideal way. If you are interested to host a farmer/visitor during the KSS-2022, get your spaces ready. A communication will be sent shortly. And we need volunteers and sponsors too. More specific communication would be coming out in the subsequent weeks. Please stay tuned...

The Herbal Kit launched last week is meant for making a farmer out of each Home (to know more, please visit Prakriti Community Broadcasting: Herbal Kit ( This week, we are covering a few simple things that can be done at home to keep the soil in your pots alive and healthy. You don't need to spend anything except your time and effort to do the following....

Zero Budget Kitchen Gardening

  • Touch the soil and feel it before watering it... always....
  • The water used to clean your rice and pulses are precious for plants. Make sure that water finds its way to your soil
  • Your Soil loves the Banana peels. After relishing your Banana, cut the peels, soak it in water overnight and pour the water to the plants. They'll thank you for sure....
  • Do not use RO Water for your soil. They will curse you! (Note: Fishes don't survive in RO Water)
  • If ample Sunshine is not falling on your plants, try to keep them under the Sun once in a while
  • Waste tea dust and coffee powder are relished by your soil and plants
more to come next week....

Water Literacy

Do you see Lakes as a living life form? The water body with its bunds, trees, butterflies, aquatic species, the soil microbes all live and work symbiotically to create that visually beautiful lake that you see physically. Sri U. N. Ravikumar's talk last week at WCFA (Wadiyar Center For Architecture) made the participants 'see' this invisible connections in a Lake ecosystem.

Kukkrahalli Lake, Mysuru

The last week program 'Water Hole - 1' organized by The Water Forum, thanks to sincere efforts of Anjali Sharma and her team was an eye-opener to its participants. 

Sri U. N. Ravikumar has been the initiator and inspiration behind this Forum and to know more about him, his works and The Water Forum, contact 7204288166.

Thank you!

In the service of Nature
C. Balachandran

Please do send stories that inspired you, neighborhood events that moved you, critical analysis of national & global affairs that impacts us all - that can be included in these fortnightlies. Email to or Whatsapp to 72042 88166. Together, we are!