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Simplicity as a weapon

*Leaf 4 - New Moon - 26/27 Aug 2022*     

Dear Fellow-beings, 

The sudden, erratic rains of the long monsoon season in Mysuru continues and Unpredictability is the norm across the globe now due to the climate crisis. During monsoon, it's important to keep a vigil on our health as we struggle to co-exist with the bacteria/virus population around. Our family doctor Dr. Rashmi recommends drinking warm water always, which helps to retain the immunity power of the body (keeping the defense system active at all times). At the Store, we keep warm drinking water freshly filled everyday for everyone at the entrance. Staying Healthy is the first choice we can make for a better tomorrow...Read on for more about Sri Madhavji, the Herbal garden kit & our steps towards Self-reliance in this edition.

Madhav Sahasrabudhe
(from Left: Sachu, Madhav & Bala)
Madhav Sahasrabudhe is a wonderful human being. Armed with Simplicity & aided by his engineering background, he has been travelling around India to bring about the change that we all dream of. He spins, weaves and tailors his own cloth. He says 'Khadi is not merely a cloth. It is a way of life in which all aspects of Nature-friendly life are embedded. It welcomes and celebrates the productive  participation by one and all'. Seeing him spin is pure magic and we were fortunate to have him visit our store on 17th Aug. He proceeded to Melkote to conduct the 3 day spinning workshop which ended on 21st Aug. 

Herbal Kit: This week, we are launching a kit for those aspiring-to-be kitchen gardeners. This kit is meant for those fence sitters who want to become gardeners but didn't find the right opportunity to convert their dream into reality. The kit guarantees good health for your family. The list of herbs and the how-to-use pamphlet is designed with inputs from experts to bring out a farmer in every home and inculcate small habits in our daily life that can bring in lasting change in us.

2 volunteers whose passion towards plants, seeds & soil made this kit launch possible and they insist on remaining unanimous :-)

J. C. Kumarappa Self Reliant Community

We are converging on the upcoming full moon day (10th Sep 2022) at the Hall within the Prakriti Store campus!

From Climate change to Corona, the current crises make almost everyone feel that the journey of our direction ought to change. A collective effort for a better tomorrow....
All like-minded people interested in Kitchen gardening, composting, Seed conservation, Plant based bio-enzyme preparation, water literacy, spinning and the like are invited. Deep love towards Nature & Simple Living shall be the binding force of this community. Music, Dance, Story telling, Book reading & DIY Sessions shall be the way of community development. Please send a WhatsApp message to 7204288166 to book a place and to know more please visit:

Simple natural food shall be arranged for all.

26th August is the birth anniversary of Mother Teresa. A truly noble soul that taught us what Selfless Service is. Mother Teresa lived and worked in India for 17 years and made a huge impact with her incredible organization skills along with her compassion and love for Humanity. It's important to remember her and teach compassion to our children through her stories, as Selfless Service is the only way forward towards Sustainability, solving our maladies.

Our Store landline telephone (0821-2331767) is not working for the past many days. In spite of repeated complaints to BSNL, we couldn't fix the connection. Till we get a new connection, please use the following mobile numbers of our team members to reach out to us. Thank you

Harini 7019292709
Jagadish 8095651393
Nagesh 9980926303

Thank you!

In the service of Nature
C. Balachandran

Please do send stories that inspired you, neighborhood events that moved you, critical analysis of national & global affairs that impacts us all - that can be included in these fortnightlies. Email to or Whatsapp to 72042 88166. Together, we are!