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Bamboo Brushes in Monsoon??

Leaf 3 - Full Moon 11 Aug 2022

Dear co-habitants,

This edition carries stories about our new farmers, a remembrance note on our late President APJ Abdul Kalam and much more....

Farmers Vittal Vashisht & Lakshmi narasimhan from Vanasiri Farm have started giving papaya & elakki banana to our Store since 2 months. They are doing natural farming using Jeevamrutha under the guidance of Bannur Krishnappa. Their 3 acre farm is located at Shigodipura, Sosale Hobli and they can be reached at 99729 99757 / 98452 14934.

Our late president APJ Abdul Kalam's death anniversary was on 27th July (2015). Happened to read an article about him that was aptly titled as 'Dreamer'. His life's message was 'to dream'. Today, our ability to dream is diminishing gradually due to the stress & anxiety in our daily life. But it is this nature of Humanity 'to dream', is more significant today than ever. To dream is to imagine. And as Albert Einstein said, IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE. So, lets strive to imagine more, rather than just accumulating dry knowledge in our daily lives - and stay Happy!

In our Kitchen gardening efforts, we have set up a small COMMUNITY SEED BANK at the Store - a small collection of heirloom seeds (of vegetables, greens and some tree varieties). This is exclusively for our customers who are looking for quality seeds to grow in their kitchen garden. And the Community Seed Bank works on the 'Get 1 Give 2' principle. To know more and volunteer in this effort, please do drop at the Store on Thursdays between 10 AM to 2 PM. The currently available seeds are:

And an important note about how to maintain your bamboo toothbrush...

Congratulations to those who have started using Bamboo tooth brushes to avoid the plastic toothbrushes filling up our waste landfill near JP Nagar area. A point to remember is, the bamboo handle is a natural material and hence it will react with the environment around.

Though the bamboo is treated to avoid attracting pests and borers, the humidity in the air gets absorbed, catalyzing a fungal growth. Hence, it's recommended to keep your bamboo tooth brush under the Sun once in a while. While this fungal growth needs to be observed and monitored, it's not something harmful to worry about. To know more about Bamboo, you can call us anytime - 99802 61767.

A thought to ponder - do you know what chemical in your tooth paste makes it stay moist and pasty for many many months?

Empowering yourself with the skills to grow your own food and make your own dress is the greatest need of our times - especially for those living in the cities. It helps one to embark on the journey of Simplicity in an authentic way.

Sri Madhav Sahasrabudhe is the man who spreads Simplicity across the nation and he'll be conducting the 3 day workshop at Melkote from 19th to 21st Aug. You can do a google search for 'Madhav Sahasrabudhe' to know more about him....

Good People. Good Food. Good Environment. Do join in! Call Abhilash for booking - 9008484880 To know more about Mysore Spinners Group and spinning activities in Mysore, please call 99802 61767

We regret to inform that the Sunday farmers' market at the Store premises is stopped till further notice. However, the farmers' group continues to conduct the market at Vijayanagar regularly and those who are interested to visit can get more details from Padmaja - 86605 75822

For those who are going out to buy the National Flag, please hold. We are getting Khadi (hand spun & hand woven) flags from Gadval (AP) in a day or two.... will update the Whatsapp group upon its arrival.

Thank you!

In the service of Nature
C. Balachandran

Please do send stories that inspired you, neighborhood events that moved you, critical analysis of national & global affairs that impacts us all - that can be included in these fortnightlies. Email to or Whatsapp to 72042 88166. Together, we are!